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"PingPong Remix"

Cross-media and interactive media was the theme when we created the “PingPong Remix” website. Our intent for the theme was to create a digital artifact that combines media channels and creates an interactive experience. A national TV/radio campaign to raise money for refugees was also taking place throughout Sweden during our theme, and we were asked to create designs that could be used for the campaign.

PingPong Remix worked by collecting sounds from around the world on the website. The sounds could be a basic beat, rhythm, melody, spoken word, or even just ambient sound from an artist’s culture. During the one-week campaign, an artist could sign up and contribute sounds. From the website the artist could download other people’s sounds, remix the sounds, add their own beats and melody, upload and share.

During the entire event, we collected impressive statistics about the use of the site:

  • 26 countries visited the site
  • 9 countries contributed sounds
  • 142 cities in Sweden visited the site
  • 149 total sounds uploaded
  • 29 remixes created
  • 99 artist profiles created

Our concept also received numerous mentions on the radio from the campaign hosts, urging the audience to participate in the ping-pong. Two of the radio hosts even uploaded their own sound samples to the site!

At the end of the event we had 3 local music producers go through the final 29 remixes, and choose the top 3 remixes. You can still go to the site now and download all of the remixes for free.

PingPong Remix site

This project was designed and developed along with my classmates: Åste, and Anders PJ.