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"SUI: Stacked User Inputs"

"Stacked User Inputs" is my final thesis at the Interaction Design Masters program at Malmö University in Sweden.

Stacking inputs is how I refer to the concept of combining a physical interface with a virtual interface, creating multiple layers of interaction. This concept was born out of my TRKBRD project, where I stacked a virtual touch layer on top of the physical keyboard of a laptop. The TRKBRD is a contextual example of stacked inputs, combining a keyboard and cursor-control interfaces, into a single input device.

My thesis is exploring the concept by testing a prototype that is only an abstraction of the idea. I have created a "SUI Cube" (seen below in a video) which has a single, touch-sensitive, one-button interface. My thesis is still in progress, but more details can be found at

SUI Cube prototype demonstrating an abstraction of the concept, free from context.

Delivering the prototype to one of the many experienced designers, to test and explore.