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"Disguised As Birds CD Layout"

I was contacted by a local indie band to create the layout of their music CD. Like most bands that I have worked with, they only had a few vague ideas on what they wanted. For one of our meetings, they came to my house and found me amid stacks of frames that I was organizing for my living room. We brainstormed many great ideas, but it wasn’t until a few days later that the singer of the band got the spark to use the frames. Days later still, I found myself in a pub when the idea hit me to incorporate the frames on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Photo Shoot
Early on a Saturday morning we ventured out to the cold waters of Lake Michigan. We laid out the frames in different ways, photographed them from different angles, and even resorted to sketching out ideas in the sand. We left with over 400 shots, knowing one of them would be perfect.

The final design, with a fair amount of digital manipulation, was a collaborative effort between myself and the band. Along with the frames photo for the cover, we supplemented the design with photos I had taken of the band at one of their concerts.

Front Cover


Back Cover